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Clientless Hardware and Software Inventory Tool for Local Networks

EMCO Network Inventory is a solution that helps you to collect software and hardware inventory information from all PCs located in a local network into a centralized database. Collected information includes detailed specifications of CPU, memory, HDD and other hardware assets installed on PCs. Software inventory information includes a list of installed applications on every PC. Printable aggregated reports give you an overview of all hardware and software assets.
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 Latest version: 5.8.21

EMCO Network Inventory is a clientless network audit tool that allows to collect inventory information from Windows PCs located in LAN/WAN without installing client modules on them. It is available in three editions with a different set of functionality.

  • Starter Edition collects basic hardware and software inventory data from remote PCs. It allows generating predefined inventory reports can export data in various formats.
  • Professional Edition allows getting an extended inventory info including system settings, startup commands, system services, running processes, installed hotfixes, etc. It allows you to run custom file system and registry scans on remote PCs and use query reports.
  • Enterprise Edition includes software license management features that allow you to get an aggregated report for all software assets and software licenses and track license changes. It also includes a query builder that can be used to generate custom inventory reports.

EMCO Network Inventory Features

Using EMCO Network Inventory you can silently collect software and hardware inventory information from all PCs located in a local network. Collected information is stored in a centralized database that can be used to generate various inventory reports. Using the application you can audit hardware and software assets used on a particular PC, group of PCs or entire network.

Hardware Inventory and Audit

Collected hardware information provides you with detailed specification of hardware assets using on every network PCs, such as CPU, motherboard, memory, HDDs, monitors, network cards, etc. Reported information includes a model name, serial number and full specification, so for example, you can know capacity of memory banks and installed memory.


Software Inventory and License Management

Reported software inventory information includes a list of applications and hotfixes installed on every PC, including their versions and other details. This information can be aggregated for entire network, so you can know how many copies of every item you have. It can be compared with a number of licenses you own and used to generate a license compliance report.

Remote File System and Registry Scanning

You can run custom file system and registry scans on selected remote computers in order to detect interesting files and registry entries. For example, you can run a file system scan on all PCs in order to detect unlicensed or forbidden content such as MP3 files, video, games, etc. A scan report include information about all files detected on every PC.


Customizable Inventory Reports

The application includes a set of preconfigured typical inventory reports in various formats, that can be customized by applying a company name, logo and report author. Additionally you can create custom reports using a visual report builder. All collected inventory information can be exported in CSV and other formats in order to be used in external tools and databases.

Awards and Recognition

Year after year, EMCO Network Inventory has been receiving various awards from editors and readers of leading IT resources. These awards are the acknowledgement of our advanced product design and commitment to quality that we stick to.

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